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Degree in Computer Engineering     SegellAcreditacioAQU_GEInformatica_en

European quality label for programmes in informatics at Bachelor level

Computer engineering is a technological science or technique that studies automated data processing using electronic devices and computing systems. It brings together foundations of computing science, programming, and methodologies for developing software and communications.

If you graduate with Degree in Computer Engineering you will obtain knowledge and competences needed to create, design, develop, maintain and manage informatics systems for issues ranging from information management in a business environment, control problems, process and industrial devices management, to problems of service and computing infrastructure managing, communication and information storage.

You may choose among three majors:

Major in Computing
You will acquire theoretical foundations and techniques to design efficient solutions for the challenges of artificial intelligence computing, language processing and processing of large data volumes.

Major in Software Engineering
You will deepen in analysis of requirement, development and implementation of software systems that respond to the needs of users and companies.

Major Information Tecnologies
You will deepen knowledge of design, implementation and validation of services and communication infrastructures responding to the legislative requirements and the safety of organizations.